I’m a Cheating-Vegetarian


Summa summa summatiiiime… it’s the summer time and once again I’ve decided to realign my chakras and move towards a healthier lifestyle. After spending months in school stress-eating, late night Dickson-eating, bored-eating, social-eating, and all around  binge-coffee and wine drinking, my insides are not at their healthiest which in turn has taken a toll on my outward appearance. Image result for binge eating gifBeyond my physical features being disrupted, my cravings and habits are high. I feel sluggish a lot of the time and I lack energy even when I receive ample amounts of sleep. So, of course the first thing I think I should do to fix these issues is change my eating habits. This is what has led me to my new found vegetarianism life-style WHICH I have failed at time and time again.

When I say I’m a vegetarian I feel like temptation is at every turn. It’s like meat is beaconing to be worn by me. Why do I think becoming a vegetarian will solve my problems? I think creating boundaries in my diet encourages an increase sense of discipline. A push towards self-control. Self-control that I lack in almost every social setting during the school year. So it’s not that I want to completely change my life-style for a long amount of time to no meat, but rather I want to discipline myself to not just eat because I want to, but because I need to . Image result for spaghetti and meatballs If I continue to eat because I want to, you’d find me face deep in a bucket of Popeyes chicken, while simultaneously indulging in a plate of cheese fries that will eventually be washed down with a thiccck chocolate milkshake. (Generally I eat pretty healthy already, but when I cheat… I cheeeeeeeat.)

Currently, I have now been a cheating-vegetarian for almost two weeks. During that time I’ve had chicken, salmon, and shrimp, BUT I haven’t eaten meat nearly as much as I typically do. Instead, I’ve focused heavily on grains, vegetables, and fruits. When I allow myself to say I am a vegetarian I feel like I trick my mind into thinking every aspect of my life should be healthy now. So, while I might eat some meat here and there, most of the time you will find me choosing veggie burgers instead of beef (eating beef has actually has been impossible for me because I am staying with family this summer and my uncle is Indian, so there’s the issue with sacred cow and all.) And since veggie burgers typically will have grains in them… HOLD THE BUN.

Along with my cheating-vegetarian meal plan, I’ve attempted to reverse my lack of energy without coffee. Exercise and tea has been implemented into most parts of my day.  If I find myself sitting for too long, it’s time to get up and dance or walk the dog or something… anything semi-productive.

Image result for twerking meme

As I move into week three, I hope to continue limiting the amount of meat I eat to at most twice a week. As the weeks continue, I will be a complete bonafide non-cheating, non-meat-eating vegetarian (hopefully.)

Below I’ve included images of Lady Gaga from the 2010 VMAs. This photo series would be meme-ified to say: Me when I tell someone I’m a vegetarian.

Related imageRelated image

Related imageRelated image






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