Migos Interview

 “migos original interview

If you have not yet seen the interview of the Bad and Boujee singers from the BET awards, please click the link above. There have been a few memes going around of this trios flop or goldmine of an interview. Like most memes, you don’t understand them unless you get the full context. So any spin offs of this video probably wouldn’t make sense to many.


The worst part about memes is not understanding if those around you would get it and value it for some comedic relief. I usually hesitate sharing memes outside of my family circle, but I thought it’d be PHUN to try and break it dowwwwwn for all y’all.

What df is going on?

This was a pre-show interview with the group Migos. Migos has received a massive following after Donald Glover shouted out their song “Bad and Boujee” during his acceptance speech at the Golden Globes. The song blew up after his shout out with people all over the country searching for what the hell this was. If you have not yet heard it, just know it has something to do with a crockpot.

Besides the strong dialect of this trio and their ability to slide a sentence into one word that you can barely understand, there is so much awkwardness in this video. From the interviewees inability to understand, him questioning the third member on his MIA-ness, to Joe Budden ending the interview midway and walking out. Tensions grew and the shaded, Hawaiian, blinged out men were not having it. Before the end of the video you can see these guys weren’t going to be disrespected. In all my life, I have not seen something as weird as this. It all seems like a big joke, but these are real people.

Who is df is Joe?

Joe Budden, the guy in the white shirt, is a rapper. I couldn’t of told you who he was before this interview, but Budden has been vocal about his frustrations with young artists right now.   He faults them for degrading the art of rap. While this is something I also believe, I don’t necessarily think these men are to blame. While they continue to put out music that is fun and doesn’t make an individual think, people continue to listen. The buyers perpetuate this lack of need for artistic gold. But with saying that, there are so many amazing artists out there right now under the microscope doing what they love. We can’t clump everyone into the “millenials are ruining the world” category.

Migos owes much of their fame surrounding Bad and Boujee to memes. Without them, the song and hilarity of its lyrics wouldn’t have the traction it still has today and If I’ve learned anything from this video… it doesnotlooklikeyougotleftoffofbadandboujee.


migos” : the translation





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