PHAT • honey?

What is phathoney you ask? The short answer… a composition of found curated items, ideas, and images I want to put out into the world.


The long answer: Do you know what a knickknack is? When I googled the term it said, “a small worthless object…” While that might be the case for some, it is not for me. To me a knickknack is more of an independent treasure; an item that I probably value most that sits by my bed-side or on a shelf. Well that is what PHATHONEY is. A site where I can fill it with the most random stuff that you may or may not find as worthless. Phathoney (will be) filled with my laughs and frustrations, my hopes and doubts.

While I understand reading is not always the most fun and interesting and another blog added to the mix of fluff that is out there isn’t likely to succeed, I’m excited to present you with the PHATHONEY. If any of you know me, I’ve carried the word “phat” with me for a long time (since 7th grade O.G. “FAT.”) In literal terms, “phat” means cool or excellent. I chose to add honey because to me honey is the product of hard work. Bees are one of my favorite creatures on earth and we owe them everything. If some of us worked as hard as they, no one could stand in our way.


Some of my posts could include unpopular ideas and unorthodox thinking, but that’s just an opportunity to learn and question new thoughts. I love disagreement because it allows me to hear what another person is thinking. In the age of those who I will not name… disagreement has overtaken our country. We are all viewing each other through an ethnocentric lens, living completely different lives and we have no control of that. Due to that, I don’t believe in shutting down other peoples ideas, rather hearing them out and imagining if I were to of lived my entire life in their shoes with their experiences, would I think the same way?


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